Founded in 1919 and having been a family-owned business since then, the company has its origin in machine building and the construction of jigs and fixtures. In the middle to the end of the twenties the specialisation towards tool and mould making for the plastics processing industry was initiated. With the advancing development of the plastics injection moulding engineering, mould making became established as a world-wide renowned subcontractor of this trade.
In the middle of the sixties, the era “plastics processing” in the EKS company started. In order not to become competitors for its own clients from the field of tool and mould making, industrial fields were selected which – so far – no moulds had been made for. In 1964, the first injection mould for a carrying handle was made. This handle which was designed to make the carrying and handling of cardboard boxes easier and more comfortable the foundation was laid for a currently comprehensive assortment of handles and accessory parts for packaging. With numerous patent rights and copyrights and the continuous development of new solutions an independent functional area was created. Today the area of packing engineering with its main target group “cardboard box industry” represents the focus of business activities. The assortment of handles and accessory parts has been successively extended in the course of the past 40 years and now has reached a volume that stands unparalleled.

For years, customer requests regarding orders in terms of customer injection moulding with customer moulds have been met. In order to extend the services offered, besides the production of plastic parts from thermoplastics also the requests for special solutions, particular packing as well as the assembly of subassemblies has been taken into account.

Synergy effects from the combination of tool and mould making as well as the plastics injection moulding under one roof are used for the benefit of customers in order to assist them in planning and performing of product developments. Particular commitment is devoted to projects that are to be completely handled by EKS from their basic idea up to the optimised series production.

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