Colour / Material

By way of standard all the items from our manufacturing program are offered uncoloured. This means that the products possess the respective proper colour of the plastic material used. Depending on the material thickness, the items then appear to be translucent white to white. These material proper colours, however, may be subject to batch deviations. If a reproducible colour quality is required, the items have to be dyed with opaque white or another colour.

For colour selection our customers may choose from a range of 20 standard colours that have been defined in imitation of the PANTONE C colour palette. Information concerning the PANTONE colour palette is available in the Internet under

In the event that none of these standard colours is suitable, we are in a position to meet any colour request of our customers. Through definition of a special colour by means of indicating a standardised shade or by means of a colour sample any desired dyeing can be exactly realised.
Material settings
Most of our items are manufactured from a standard material. The selection of these materials is done with particular items in mind and is primarily based on the functionality of the product. A selection of items is optionally offered in different material settings. Particularly with regard to handles we distinguish between soft and hard material design. The soft design has to be selected, if the handle is to be particularly flexible. The hard design has its benefits, if higher loads prevail, and – as experience tells us – the fit in the packing is more rigid.
Upon request, the material selection may as well be adjusted to the particular wishes of the customer.
Environmental compatibility
The plastic materials used by us consist of pure carbon-hydrogen compounds as they also exist in natural products. These plastic materials are environmentally acceptable and recyclable at 100%. They burn in waste incineration plants without leaving any toxic gases or residues and during that process supply high-value energy that is often needed for operating the plants. In refuse disposal sites these plastic materials slowly decompose and do absolutely no harm to groundwater. In order to safeguard a type-specific material separation, our items are labelled with the recycling sign and the plastic designation.
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